Tuition & Fees

300 Clock Hours, 8 Week Full Time Program

This comprehensive program is designed for the student to master all of the basic grooming skills with an emphasis on the fine finishing skills. The student will begin the program by learning about the various tools, their usage, operation, and maintenance. The next areas covered will be control methods, safety procedures, proper handling, cleaning and sanitation. The skill development portion of the program is taught in three parts. Part one is the prepping skills, part two is bathing and blow-drying skills, and part three is the styling and finishing skills along with the breed designs.

Registration Fee - $100.00
Tuition Fee - $5,400.00
Tool Kit - $1,000.00
STRF Assessment: $0.50
Part 1 - Prepping
Part 1
De-shedding Procedures
Toe Nail Cutting
Control Positions
Ear Cleaning & Ear Care
Shaving Skills
Curly Coat
Straight Coat
Safety & Sanitation
Pre-bath Brushing
Part 2 - Bathing & Drying
Part 2
Shampoo Procedures
Blow Drying/Brushing
Flea/Skin Treatments
Finish Brushing
Anal Gland Expulsion
Therapeutic Shampoos
Part 3 - Styling
Part 3
Pet Handling & Psychology
Guide Blade Techniques
Outline Shaping
Breed & Design
Fine Finish Techniques
Disease & Parasites
Scissoring Skills
Prioritizing Time
Straight & Curly Coats
Dental Hygiene
Bow Application
Professionalism in the Career
Nail Painting


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